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Teluk Anson will temp. freeze license application early next year Options












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Beginning next year Teluk Anson Freeze-birdhouse Applications:

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To attract Swiftlets, birdhouse owners will blare the mating calls for the whole day thus annoying and causing interference to the house residence.

(Teluk Anson on the 13th) - Telok Anson City Council Chairman, Ibrahim confirmed that the city council will begin next year to temporarily freeze new swiftlet birdhouse applications.

In order to apply for the location of the new investigation and submit a report the state government from the latter summary Determining whether or not to approve.

A few months ago, the community is widely rumored that the new City Council will be frozen birdhouse applications, but the city council has not been positively confirmed that once market panic, especially in multi-storey building new stores, for fear that deterred investors, unwilling to converted into shops to buy housing.

In any event, Ibrahim asked today to accept newspaper reporters said the freeze is not permanent, but temporary nature, coupled with applicants in full compliance with regulations and the new location suitable, the state government may be approved. He Strong Emphasize that the right decision in the hands of the state government.

Should regulation to extend license

"China was" the first exclusive report freeze City Council will be new-yan house applications, the industry caused concern.

He disclosed that so far a total of 485 Birdhouse city housing license, operators must pay 200 ringgit annual license fees.

"Abide by the rules and regulations by industry, the city council will extend the license."

He pointed out that the birdhouse issued an acoustic sound machines than 40 db of volume, while loudspeakers must be progressive, voice broadcast to the sky, the sound can only be cited bird in the morning 7:00 broadcast to 19:00.

He also called for all concerned - swiftlet housing industry health, so as not to bring swiftlet birdshits stench and trigger disease, endanger other people's health.

The nests bring huge profit to attract many businessmen swarmed investment pros and cons of equal numbers.

"So far there is no evidence swiftlet soiled easily trigger avian flu, but the industry must also be self-restraint and not to let other people feel comfortable."

He said that if the public or other businesses or by swiftlet health acoustic noise interference complaints to the City Council, officials will travel to investigations to solve the problem.

Telok Anson birdnest industry in the past five years flourish, it is learned that bird's nest per kg sold 3,000 ringgit can be to 4000 ringgit, as high quality.

This also led a vibrant housing industry development, or even against Swiftlet industry built by the city.

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