Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sabak Bernam: Selangor Have 1,000 Birdhouses

雪州数区处观察阶段 仅沙白安南养燕业合法 2007/10/02 18:15:33





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Selangor District Office observed several stages only Sabak Bernam custody Birdnest industry legitimate

Date:2007/10/02 18:15:33


Selangor Birdnest Farming is a booming industry, but at present only the sand白安County Birdnest industry was legalized, birdnest other operators are bitter aware of a business dilemma!

At present, in the snow, estimated that about more than one 1,000-yan estates, mainly in Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Klang and乌鲁Selangor County.

Sabak Bernam them to the most fast-growing industry support Yan, about 500 Yan

The nests have always been regarded as the ethnic Skin nourishing the health care products, and incidental high market value, to the custody Yan industry in recent years set off a craze in China, has also prompted more and more businesses to join the ranks of dependents Yan.

However, the local government has still not yet been legalized Birdnest industry licenses, resulting in a certain industry is still faced with the plight of business.

Apart from the Sabak Bernam County Council has legalized custody swiftlet industry, other local governments are still in early stage to developed guidelines or observation.

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